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Pregnancy Ailments Pregnant and tired? Find out what mums suffer from most during pregnancy and find some useful websites to get help and advice from
Pregnancy Purchases What do mums plan to buy for their babies
Tens Machines Thinking of getting a Tens Machine? Find out whether other mums use them and think they are good
Planning for a Baby Are most births planned or unplanned?
Cost of a Baby I Does making a baby also make you poorer?
Feelings About Pregnancy Compared Does the reality of pregnancy mean that you are as happy as you thought you were going to be?
Birth I - Expectations Compared to Reality How difficult is actually giving birth compared to what pregnant women believe?
Birth II - Expectations Compared to Reality Compare how positive mums say their birth experience was against how positive pregnant women think it will be ...
Becoming a Mum How easy is it adjusting to becoming a mother?
Becoming a Dad How easy is it adjusting to becoming a Dad?
Breastfeeding Think you may have problems? Compare expectations against reality.
Breastfeeding - for how long Compare World Health Organisation advice to what mums expect to do and the REALITY!
Bonding How easy is it to bond with your baby - expectations to reality compared.
Sex Life I How soon after giving birth do women expect to have sex?
Sex Life II Does your sex life change after giving birth?
Social Life How do relationships change after the birth of your child?
Support after Birth Are your family there for you - expectations of pregnant women compared to the experience of mums
Healthcare Professionals Support Does the Healthcare Profession live up to your expectations?
Basics or Luxuries Do women buy the basics for their baby or a little bit more?
Cost of a Baby II Our mums say that the average spend on their baby in the first 6 months is over £1000 ...
Baby in Bed Find out how many new mothers keep their baby in bed with them and for how long.
Getting Your Figure Back Find out how quickly after giving birth mums say their figure returns ...
First Night Out Did you know that the average new mum doesn't have a 'Night Out' for 3 months after giving birth?
Sleep II - Losing Sleep The average new mum loses two months sleep in her baby's first year. Find out more ...
Birth Statistics I - Basics Are women more likely to give birth in the day or at night? Find out this and more ...
Birth Statistics II - Length of Labour Find out how long mums say their labour lasts for.
Birth Statistics III - Baby Weight How big do you think the average baby is in the UK?
Birth Statistics V - Holding Baby How long does the average mum wait between giving birth and holding their baby for the very first time ...

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